October 3

“I Do Believe” by Waylon Jennings is the Song for the Down and Weary

The Personification of Outlaw Country

Outlaw country has been described as a perfect blend between the musical style of rock and honky tonk. It blends seamlessly together with the beautiful mix of country instrumentation and introspective lyrics. Rebelling against the usual Nashville sound has produced some of the greatest artists country music has seen, such as Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, and of course Waylon Jennings.

Said to be ‘outlaw country personified,’ he was a maverick during the 60’s and the 70’s. He stripped down honky tonk and added the sultriness and grit that made it palatable to mainstream listeners. With it is music that most of his hits have an upbeat vibe to it but his lyrics are sincere in a way that listeners can automatically connect to it.

The Unassuming Faith of ‘I Do Believe’

‘I Do Believe’ is a mellowed down version of his usual gritty musicality. It concentrates on the message and the sincerity of the song. Have you not listened to it yet?

Take a listen below!

People usually constrain their choices by either black or white. Either you want it, or you don’t. Either you are perfect, or you are not. We seem to be very caught up with this narrative that we forget that life isn’t really all that deep – we just make it very complicated for ourselves.

Therefore, the way I Do Believe stand out as a Gospel song is how much unassuming it is. It doesn’t give you complications, just the important thing: I believe in the Lord, and I know he will guide me through whatever I will go through. It sings about how God loves us and is always there to give us the strength within and the freedom to live our lives in His word and teachings.

In our lives, there will be times when our faith may not be as strong as it could be, and ‘I Do Believe’ talks unapologetically about this kind of faith. No faith is perfect, but in it, there is hope because even though there are struggles with today, there will still be the promised tomorrow.

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