December 18

Waylon Jennings Released I’ve Always Been Crazy After His Controversy


Waylon Jennings is truly an outlaw musician. He went against all odds, not only by breaking the law but even in the world of country music. If he didn’t speak up and do what he thinks is right, he might not succeed in his career. Today we are going to take a look on one of his albums that rose to the top of the chart despite a controversy in his personal life.

Waylon Jennings’ Album I’ve Always Been Crazy

I’ve Always Been Crazy is a 1978 album by Waylon. It was released under his record label RCA Victor and produced by Waylon and Richie Albright. Waylon’s twenty-fifth studio album contained outlaw country music. It was Waylon’s way of expressing his life, and how he despised country music industry during his time.

Waylon Jennings I've Always Been Crazy
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In 1978, Waylon’s album reached the top of the Billboard Top Country Albums making this his fourth number one album. Furthermore, the album secured a spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Five songs on his album were written or co-written by Waylon. He also covered Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line” and Merle Haggard’s “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down.” However, his single “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got of Hand” and “I’ve Always Been Crazy” got the most recognition on his album. Both singles were on the top ten of the country chart.  Furthermore, Waylon paid tribute to his friend Buddy Holly by performing a medley of his songs.

The Controversy

Before Waylon released his album, a controversy happened. He was charged by the drug enforcement, but the case was dropped. They learned that a package containing cocaine was sent to Waylon. However, Waylon was lucky enough that the drugs were flushed in the toilet by Richie Albright, Waylon’s drummer. Therefore, the news came out. But did you know Waylon’s album sale wasn’t affected by the issue? Instead, it boosted the sales of his album, and it even topped the charts.


Waylon may have been broken the law, but we sure know the man knows how to give us an incredible song. Here’s the tracklist of his album.

  • “I’ve Always Been Crazy”
  • “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out of Hand”
  • “Billy”
  • “A Long Time Ago”
  • “As the ‘Billy World Turns”
  • Medley of Buddy Holly Hits: “Well All Right,” “It’s So Easy,” “Maybe Baby,” and “Peggy Sue”
  • “I Walk the Line”
  • “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down”
  • “Girl I Can Tell (You’re Trying to Work It Out)”
  • “Whistlers and Jugglers”


I've Always Been Crazy, Top Country Album, Waylon Jennings

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