September 18

Jennifer Nettles Channels Theatrical Talent in WICKED

Jennifer Nettles delights fans and exhibits a suave combination of her singing and acting talent when she performed a song for the famous and highly commended Wicked Musical. Joining the ranks of many other talented artists and stars who’ve performed and reinvented songs for the hit Broadway show, the 43-year-old Grammy winner shows just how enthusiastic and passionate she is for the project.

Following the footsteps of Wicked alums like Aaron Tveit, Kristin Chenoweth, and Idina Menzel and being presented the opportunity to perform for Wicked was a dream come true for Nettles. In the video below, she sings No Good Deed for the #OutOfOz: Wicked Studio Sessions video series.


Nettles is also set to perform another track for the musical. She will be singing a duet with Annaleigh Ashford for As Long As You’re Mine, a love song in the play that’s usually used to portray the romantic connection between charmer Fiyero and Wicked Witch, Elphaba.

In an interview with People Magazine, Nettles shared that growing up acting in theater, she instantly fell in love with the Wicked musical ever since she first saw it 11 years ago. “I felt empowered by these two fabulous women at the center of its story and swept away by these wonderful songs—all of which helped put a different spin on something we all knew, The Wizard of Oz. I just loved it.”

Out of Oz was the final chapter in the well-celebrated lengthy story that depicted both the good and the bad witch from The Wizard of Oz. During the latter chapters of Wicked, Dorothy’s life and adventure being entangled with the witches’ history become more apparent from when she was whisked away from her homeland in Kansas and into the enthralling world of Oz.

Everything just sounds amazing. These were a bit more re-imagined arrangements. It just offers a little different flavor for these songs that everybody knows and loves. I’m hoping it opens country fans up to the musical theater, and people who may not normally be interested in modern popular country music to that. It works both ways.” shares Nettles.


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