December 5

Jennifer Nettles’ Take On Showbiz Sexual Assault

Hollywood is currently hot with the flames of scandal and disbelief after sexual allegations between artists and entertainers surfaced left and right. The emergence of such harsh reality behind all the glitz and glamour of showbiz left several individuals in the industry, particularly the women, to speak out one after the other and express their thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Jennifer Nettles was among the artists who decided to step up and speak her mind on the matter.

While it may seem that sexual assault in the entertainment industry has been blown out of proportion at present, the truth is it has been a heavily prevalent issue from the very beginning.

Nettles has been in the industry long enough to know. After all, she has been a working musician ever since she was in college. For her, the stories of sexual abuse coming to light are and should no longer be a surprise. Pertaining to all the brave women who chose to make their stories known to the public, Jennifer Nettles says,

Women don’t come out and speak their truth because many times they aren’t believed, and that then adds insult to the injury of the pain you’ve already experienced. I think the fact that women started to be believed, they all started to feel empowered as a community, they started to feel empowered to support each other and say ‘Yes, come out and tell your stories and speak your truth, because if we don’t bring this darkness to the light, it will continue.’”

The allegations that began with the Harvey Weinstein scandal left members of the industry to deduce whether essential changes in the industry’s culture is a must.

Another reason why the Sugarland member does not find allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the entertainment industry surprising is that for her, the said industry is no different from the world at large. As she would describe it, she called it “just a microcosm of the bigger macro.” Sexual harassment is a pressing issue that occurs everywhere across the globe—regardless of the industry or setting where it is executed. The only difference is that the world where artists and actors dwell is very visible to everybody.

She further adds that the more people shed more insight into this issue, people will also be able to come into a realization that sexual harassment has been a persistent occurrence in our culture and is something that needs to be addressed and taken action to.


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