August 22, 2018

Be Prepared to Know the Answers, ‘Cause We’re “One Day Closer”

Jeff Bates
Jeff Bates /

Jeff Bates may have been known for his sultry Conway Twitty-style love songs but this time he is focusing to inspirational music. And, we can’t deny his songs effect on us. His latest released album One Day Closer is filled with tracks that talks about faith and the existence of goodness within us all. Each single has a highlighting message that will definitely mark into the hearts of the listeners, especially its title track.

One Day Closer

Accompanied by an attractive melody and sympathetic gentle piano, the song is filled with questions about the unfairness of this world. The best thing about its lyrics is that it doesn’t beat around the bush. It doesn’t have any subject, giving the listener a thought to ponder.

Why do bad things happen to good people
I don’t know but they do
And why is this world full of
so much evil and so much pain – I wish I knew

Lee Ann Womack’s “There is a God” shows us the wonders hidden behind every creation in this world. However, Bates, in this song directly points out some of the ugliness that exists. He seeks for reasons or answers about why we have to experience such unwanted occurrences.

Why is life down here such a struggle?
Trouble’s all I’ve ever known
And when I die will I go to heaven
And will it be like going home?
Will my lost loved ones be there waiting?
There’s no way to know right now

Bates have personally struggled and survived through drug addiction. It wasn’t hard for him to deliver such kind of songs because he is no stranger to troubles. He has seen and felt a piece of hell. At the end of the song, he acknowledges that enlightenment is nearly coming. He was certain that as days pass by, he is getting closer to the answers coming from God Himself.

One Day Closer may not mark a huge impact on the charts but its message will surely touch the senses of wandering souls. The song embodies inspirational lines, grounded from reality.

Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates’ deep vocal voice made him recognizable among other artists. He has the talent to put authentic meaning behind the notes he hits. It was easy for him to have been listed on the shows because of his charming appearance and unique voice. He started performing when he was 17. His drug addiction got him into jail, where he experienced a spiritual awakening. When he was freed, he dedicated his music to recording songs that he hoped would spread his faith. You can catch Bates’ concerts and shows in different towns up to this day.

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Jeff Bates, One Day Closer

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