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Jeanne Pruett and Her One and Only No. 1 Song, “Satin Sheets”

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The Meaning of the song “Satin Sheets”

Jeanne Pruett reminds us that money can’t buy everything. Money has its limit because not everything in life can be bought with money. The woman in the song expresses how she feels living a rich yet unhappy life. Her man provides her with all the things that money can buy, but she does not want those things. She prefers his affection and love, but he cannot provide that to her. Pruett also mentions in the song that the woman has already found another man who can give her with the love she wanted.

The Song, “Satin Sheets”

“Satin Sheets” is Jeanne Pruett’s only No. 1 song in her entire career as a country singer. John Volinkaty wrote the song in 1972. The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. In addition, the song crossed over to the pop chart at No. 28. Her song “Satin Sheets” is the first single on her same-titled album.

The Album, Satin Sheet

Satin Sheets’ album of Jeanne Pruett became her only No. 1 album on the chart. It reached No. 122 on the Billboard 200 chart. Moreover, her album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Pruett recorded songs from artists such as Marty Robbins (“Walking Piece of Heaven”), Conway Twitty (“Baby’s Gone”), and Carole King (“Sweet Sweetheart”). Two songs in her album were written by her (“What My Thoughts Do All the Time” and “Your Memory’s Comin’ On”). The Jordanaires served as Pruett’s background vocals in her album.


Pruett’s song has allowed her to be nominated in three categories during the CMA award. In 1973, she was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her album was nominated for Album of the Year, while her song “Satin Sheets” was nominated for Single of the Year. On the same year, Pruett was nominated as Top Female Vocalist and Single of the Year on the Music City News.

Other Top Songs

Even though “Satin Sheets” was Pruett’s only No. 1 song, she still managed to chart songs on the top 10 of the Billboard. Some of her songs that made it to the top 10 of the chart are “I’m Your Woman,” “Back to Back,” “Temporarily Yours,” and “It’s Too Late.”

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