October 23

Undying Fellowship in JD Sumner’s “The Lord Still Lives in this Old House”

Who would not know long-time gospel singer JD Sumner? More than having a big, bass voice, God has tremendously blessed him with a big heart overflowing with love. With this, we want to honor his memory by making one of his last recorded songs our highlight.  Tissue alert!

The Lord Still Live in this Old House – JD Sumner
Video Courtesy: Gaither’s Group of Musicians

People close to or who knew JD Sumner attest that he was sick when he put “The Lord Still Live in this Old House” to record.  You’ll find the tune included in one of his albums with the Stamps Quartet, “Let’s Have Church” first released in 1995.

JD Sumner: A Life Well Spent in the Lord’s Service

Posted by JD Sumner Tribute Page on Friday, October 9, 2015

Old age and frailty of the human flesh were powerless to hinder JD Sumner from him singing of the Lord’s wondrous works. His featured track for this post best summarizes his life story.

Metaphorically, he’s the “old house” still in service for his Lord. He testified that God marked him as a dwelling place of glory from his youth. To his joy, God sees him the same even when all his hair’s turned gray, and his back started slouching. Sumner then concluded that still, his boast would only rest on God still living in him.

Exhorting the Old and a Mirror of Reflection to the Young

Plainly, “The Lord Still Live in this Old House” serves as a powerful encouragement to our seasoned folks. The rest of the world may see you as not worth much, but to God, you’re valuable.

As for the youths, learn from Mr. JD Sumner’s example. All the world’s pleasures are for an appointed time. Be wise and choose God’s pleasures instead.

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  • I was privileged to see JD Summers in person several times. He was a Beautiful Soul in Christ. I had such a wonderful life with so many Gospel groups I thank God for the ability to gave seen them . But this wonderful voice still moves me most.

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