May 8

Believe and Have Faith, God Will Take Us “Through the Fire”

So many times I question the certain circumstances 
And things I could not understand.
Many times in trials my weakness blurs my vision 
And that’s when my frustration gets so out of hand.
It’s then I am reminded, I’ve never been forsaken.
I’ve never had to stand one test alone.
As I look at all the victories, the Spirit rises up in me.
And It’s through the fire my weakness is made strong.

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Praise the Lord for everything that He has done for everyone. It is amazing and wonderful seeing and feeling God’s love materialized in our day to day activities. Many-a-time we forget the boundless love of the Lord. Just by simple activities like waking up in the morning, breathing normally, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we tend to forget to thank Him. Let us be grateful for, without these, things would not go normally as it is.

“Through the Fire”: A Song of Gratitude to the Lord

This gospel song, “Through the Fire,” of the Crabb Family reminds us of forgetting the Lord whenever we’re overcome by challenges and frustrations. And this should not be the case. We are easily blinded by the trials that come our way. Misunderstanding, heartbreak, failure, poverty, disease… These are some of the problems that we encounter. And whenever we experience such, we accuse the Lord of negligence, blame Him for what He has not done. On the other hand, whenever we indulge the taste of victory, that’s the only time we go back and thank Him. It is not a good practice to celebrate only in winning but be frustrated in failing. Worse, blame someone for your failure especially God.

Believe and Have Faith, God Will Take Us "Through the Fire" 2
Crabb family singing (Photo by Amazon)

Take note, the world is not perfect, so are we. We do take responsibility for ourselves. We are the product of Adam and Eve and we’re a part of the original sin. Yes, it is true that we can no longer be perfect, but that does not mean we rely on everything to God. We are blessed with amazing human intelligence, to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, etc. We have the power to rationalize and to weigh things according to logical and fair judgment.

Above all these, let us keep on believing and having faith in God. At times, we fly high, and at times, we do fall. With every victory, we stand with God; with every failure, God stands with us. And it’s through Him that our weakness is made strong. It is He who will take us through the fire…

Believe and Have Faith, God Will Take Us "Through the Fire" 3
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Watch Jason and the Crabb Family praise and worship the Lord with their amazing rendition of the song, “Through the Fire.”

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Crabb Family, Through the Fire

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