August 23, 2018

Jason Crabb: We all Have a “Chance for a Miracle”

Nature: Rainbow, green fields, sky.
To witness the wonders of our nature is a miracle. /

Believers have bunches of stories to tell about their encounter with miracles. Healing, restoration, and breakthrough are just some of the testimonies that show how God can work in mysterious yet astounding ways. If only we would open our eyes to the truth, we are actually experiencing miracles every day. When you wake up each morning, having the chance to savor another blessing of a new day, that’s already a great miracle. Remember that there are fellows who are struggling to breathe, pleading for an extension of their life. But of course, just like anyone else, these fellows also have the chance to witness a miracle, if they’ll have strong faith.

Chance for Miracle

“Chance for Miracle” is a gospel song by Jason Crabb, released in 2015. The song leaves the listener a promise of the possibility of a miracle. The first verses describe the universal burdens that are not new to anyone, yet sometimes, we still question why they have to happen. However, the preceding lines emphasize the existence of grace and mercy coming from the Lord. Some circumstances may seem impossible to conquer but with God’s hand taking in control, nothing is impossible. Again, we are all equal in the eyes of God and with the work of faith, we all have the “Chance for Miracle.”

And then I’m heart heavy
Halfway through the midnight hour
Waiting for the sun to rise
Still hoping still praying
There’s an answer waiting on the other side
It might look to difficult
It might look impossible
But ohhhh God let it be
A chance for a miracle

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb
Jason Crabb/ All Music

In the growing advancement of lifestyle, it is gratifying to realize that more and more artists rise to spread the message of hope and faith through their songs. Jason Crabb is among these performers who dedicate their music to the glory of God. From the very beginning of his career in 1996, he recorded songs that would be included in the Christian Music collections. He has been the lead vocalist for the group The Crabb Family.

Crabb has received several awards and nominations. Among these accolades, we will just be mentioning a few. In 2004, he was voted the Gospel Music Male Vocalist of the Year. On the GMA Dove Awards, he has won the award for 2010 Country Recorded Song of the Year for “Somebody Like Me.” In 2011, his song “Sometimes I Cry” received the award for Song of the Year. Also, Crabb bagged the award for Best Southern/Country/Bluegrass Gospel Album, in 2010.

Now, fellas here’s an inspiring song from Jason Crabb, which reminds us that we all have a “Chance for Miracle.”

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