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“Why” We Must Not Take Things For Granted

Jason Aldean

Be it in time of happiness or loss, crying sessions or party time, Jason Aldean has been serving a critical piece of soundtrack for the country music fans. Born in Macon, Georgia, he started unleashing his musical talent in the back half of the 2000’s . He genuinely turned into a country superstar with his songs that talks about love, relationships, heartbreaks and life itself. Interestingly, he started his songwriting career at the age of 14. Though his parent separated while he was only three years old, he did not let any unfortunate event to discourage him. He had been a regular entree during singing contests, and later on, he joined a band in his own hometown.

After graduating fro high school, he pursued music on a full time basis. Reunited with his father, they spent some gigs throughout the Southeast and up and down the Eastern Seaboard. And in 2005, he received a major career breakthrough with his hit single, “Hicktown.” He won the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Entertainer of the Year. This award have been followed by more and more recognitions year after year.


Now if you’re looking for a Jason Aldean song that you can relate to, the hit “Why” might just suit your pursuit. This song especially relates to women who are currently stuck in a whirlwind relationship. “Why” is one of the songs that put Aldean in the limelight in the year 2005. This track exemplifies Aldean’s capability to sing ballads. The narrator of the song asks himself why he kept on doing things that hurt his partner. He was sure of himself that he loves the girl, but maybe it’s because of his personality that he unintentionally create pain to the girl’s life. So this song may prove true the notion that we can only hurt the people who love us the most.

Why does it always have to come down
To you leaving
Before I’ll say ‘I love you’
Why do I always use the words
That cut the deepest
When I know how much it hurts you
Oh baby why, do I do that to you

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“Why” We Must Not Take Things For Granted 1


Jason Aldean, Why

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