December 21

Jamey Johnson’s Saving Grace

 songs on faith and salvation could be categorized as pure and not watered down. Take “My Saving Grace” for one. The choice of words for the lyrics does not shy away from the reality of life as experienced by children growing up. Many kids had come out of troubled homes with either one or both of the parents being abusive. Consequently, they either grow up worse or become twice a better person than their parents. The latter could only be possible by God’s grace.

Anyway, here is a Jamey Johnson’s take on how God’s saving grace worked.

“My Saving Grace” by Jamey Johnson

Aside from the heart-rending song content, it is fair to say that our singing artist is worth his salt. He does not just have the voice but also the heart to spin an album of songs worth our every dime. In fact, those who have listened to him for some time start equating him as the modern ‘Waylon Jennings.’

Song’s Anatomy

“My Saving Grace” may be brief with its four verses but it is detailed-packed. The first stanza alone can conjure in our minds about three to four scenarios. It can start with the dad coming home drunk. Then in a fit of temper becomes violent so the mom hides the children in a room. Comes the next day, they will leave the house with the dad still passed out. The same applies to the following stanzas.

Furthermore, the contrast between the two parents as illustrations of ‘saving grace’ cannot be missed.  The father’s hell-raising intoxication as seen by his child may have driven him away from its influence growing up. As for the mother, she may have suffered a lot but the forgiveness and the faith she demonstrated were deeply ingrained in her child’s heart. Looking back as an adult, he is grateful that those experiences became instrumental in molding his mind and heart to be an upright man.

Overall, this song is concise but contemplative, and worth the replay.



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