August 14

Jamey Johnson Relays God’s Message for us in “I Remember You”

JAMEY JOHNSON/ Discover Central Massachusetts

Jamey Johnson has made a name for himself in the music community, especially when it comes to curating a sound of traditional country music. He has indeed created a mark in Nashville after he left the life of running the music circuit throughout Alabama and Georgia. During the course of his journey, he has been performing in different stages, from the simplest to the grandest. But through all his successes, he never forgets to bring his music back to the One who gave it to Him.

God remembers you

“I Remember You” is one of the songs from his records collection that brings an illuminating reminder that we were never forgotten by God. The track is a single off his album, The Guitar Song released in the fall of 2010. Up to this time, the effect of the song still warms the heart as we realize how much we are loved by our Creator.

I always thought that one of the most important conversations
You could ever have in your life, is the first time you talk to God.
What would you say?

Johnson recited the introduction of the song followed by instrumentals that give you time to reflect on the question. It makes us go back to the time we first spoke to God, which I believe we clearly remember. It is one of the most meaningful conversations we can ever have. Whatever kind of feeling you have during that time, whether you are angry questioning God, confused, or maybe grateful, that first moment you did a serious talk with God actually opened the most essential relationship that would last forever.

And while you’re standing there on those trembling knees,
What do you hope God says back to you

I remember you, I was there when you were born
I held your mamma’s hand, and your daddy’s too, I remember you, I recall the very day
you turned against the Devil, and you cried out my name

Time to go Back to God

Days go by so fast. A lot of things have already happened. We’ve worked so hard, we’ve met different people, we’ve been hurt many times, we’ve learned how to survive, yet we can’t find total satisfaction until we find out that only God can complete us. Though we have forgotten about Him, thinking we can do things on our own, He’s always there to guide us and protect us. That time when we suddenly feel empty and we can’t even fathom why is the very moment God is speaking to us saying we have to listen to Him or pay attention to Him because we are already going the wrong way.

May we then take this time to reflect on our lives and begin to open a conversation with God. Find the courage to tell everything to Him, because He is willing to listen. In fact, He has been waiting for you to call.

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I Remember You, Jamey Johnson

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