November 6

Jamey Johnson Brings Country Music to the Next Level in “The Dollar”

When I was young, my folks both work for a private company, and I’m usually left alone with my grandparents. Thus, it’s hard for me because I was not able to bond with them as a kid. That’s what Jamey Johnson wants us to remember in his song “The Dollar.”

“The Nashville Sound”

Jamey Johnson is an American Country Singer, who rose to fame in 2005 and is signed with BNA Records. But for some reasons in 2008, he went to Mercury Records and released his second album. Also, he produced more hits upon his transfer to Mercury, and he was more active in the music scene.

During his childhood, Jamey Johnson was influenced by the earlier artists like Alan Jackson and Alabama. Anyhow, during his teen years, he quit college and joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Joining the marine did not stop him from his passion which is music. Eventually, he often plays his original compositions for his fellow marines.

“The Inspiration”

“The Dollar” was the breakthrough song of country singer Jamey Johnson. Thus, it was released in 2005, and it reached no. 14 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. In addition, the song was inspired by his own experience of being away from his daughter due to the nature of his work. It might be so hard for those working parents to do this.  You can also watch his other inspiring music videos on his YouTube channel.

The song focuses on a child wondering why his father needs to work. Then, his mom explains that they are paying his dad’s time. Eventually, the kid gathers some dollar from his savings and asks his dad to come home as the kid just wants to bond with him. The song has a good message, and it became an eye opener for some.


Billboard Hot Country Songs, Jamey Johnson, The Dollar

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