October 30

Jamey Johnson Says His Purpose is for God’s Glory

Having stepped on a pedestal of success in 2005, Jamey, like many musicians, got intoxicated with fame and all that it entails. The bitter consequences were of losing himself and his wife. However, things did not remain bleak and hopeless for he worked on steadily recovering after that three-year ordeal. Starting 2008, he chronicled in songs his journey of leaving the “high cost of living high” (title to one of his songs) and forward to his repentance and redemption. Though the songs were not directly given sacred titles, Jamey kept addressing the Lord and his interventions. In his album “The Guitar,” he included one, clearly, recognized gospel song called “I Remember You” in which he narrates a conversation with God.

The following years, he received recognition and awards for his works. This time, having grown older and wiser, he did not let temporal success corrupt him. While he kept his career in country singing, he no longer sees trophies as the end-goal nor does he aspire to become more famous. He is plain content with what he has achieved and what he currently does.

In fact, in a Q&A with Rolling Stone about his thoughts on winning a Grammy and his future as an artist, Jamey candidly responded that they were not his primary purposes. Instead, he said,

“..since the beginning of time there’s been man and there’s been Earth and there’s been God. And as long as man has walked on this Earth, there has been God. And man’s purpose is for the glorification of God. I write because it makes God happy that I write. I sing because it makes God happy that I sing. And if it makes God’s people happy, then all the better. But if it fails to do so, it’s probably my fault. I might have missed a note here or there or got a word wrong or whatever else. But I don’t see me ever making an album just to please the people.

And then in another interview elsewhere he said,

“Everything comes from God. So when I write, it is my gift to Him. It is my interpretation of what He gave me, the circumstances that I drew the material from. So when I get done with a song, it’s not for my fans. It’s certainly not for the industry, the trophies, the accolades and the plaques. It is straight from me to God.”


Listen to “I Remember You” by Jamey Johnson


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