February 8

Jam with Lambert and Morris and Boost your Girl Power Spirit with ‘No Scrubs’

For years, Miranda Lambert has a little tradition to post Glam Jam sessions on her Instagram. She requests people to sing popular hits with her hair stylists and makeup artists. They use random objects around them as microphones. This might be one of the best she has ever done, because of the song choice. Miranda had the help of her pal and fellow country artist, Maren Morris, for her latest Glam Jam. 

Jam with Lambert and Morris and Boost your Girl Power Spirit with ‘No Scrubs’ 1

Feel Good ‘No Scrubs’ Song From the Two Country Music Powerhouses

Miranda and Marren are pretty much the same types of badass, which evidently means they have the same taste in old-school R&B jams. Supporting our previous statement, it makes sense that while they were preparing for the CBS special, “Elton John I’m Still Standing – A Grammy Salute” show, they opted to Glam Jam to TLC’s “No Scrubs”. Once in our life, most of us had already sung the ‘girls-rule’ anthem “No Scrubs” by TLC using an improvised microphone. There’s no bigger, badder or bolder female empowerment song than this hit. Nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammys, the song did win Best Rhythm and Blues (R&B) Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and Best R&B Song.

Following their jamming session, Morris posted a clip of her and her friends singing the ’90s Rhythm and Blues classic. Morris sings the song using a makeup brush, and fellow country star, Miranda Lambert does so holding a champagne bottle. The video, which Morris calls a ‘Glam Jam‘, also shows the singer-songwriter’s glam team as a back-up. Using other objects such as scissors and a hairbrush, the squad of celebrity stylists gave more fun to the video.

As They Let Their ‘Girl Power’ Spirit Out, Do the Same, Girl!

Such a charming exhibition fosters Lambert’s image as the superstar that is still down to Earth, just like her fans. On The other hand, adding more great praises to Morris’ blooming career. It was a picture of two famous country singers having a little fun backstage. They complemented each other as powerful women in the industry.

When two country music dynamos team up for a 1990’s pop hit, what could go wrong?  

So, when you’re really feeling a song, sometimes you just gotta let it out. Now is your chance to do it. Play the short clip posted by Maren Morris and sing along with the squad. 


Video credit: @marrenmorris

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