January 14

Alan Jackson Promised to Cling On “The Old Rugged Cross”

God is really a great wonder and an epitome of love. Anyhow, he sent His only begotten son Jesus on earth to save us. Also, He performed a lot of miracles and saved hundreds of souls. It’s just sad that some people ridiculed and mocked Him. But maybe, they don’t want to be saved, and they want to burn in the slums of hell. Jesus Christ had done a lot of things for us, especially when he was crucified on the cross. That alone showed the purity and strength of what love can do. Just like the hit “The Old Rugged Cross” as rendered by Alan Jackson. This is a perfect example of Christ’s love and a perfect proof of how people adore His sacrifice in Calvary.

The Pride of Georgia

He is one of the great singers in country music, with a total of more than 80 million records sold. Further, this artist was able to push 35 songs in the number one spot in the U.S. Charts. Due to his success, he is a recipient of different awards and recognition. I hope that you did not forget Alan Jackson, who is also a member of the Grand Ole Opry, the longest running radio station in the U.S.

Alan Jackson Promised to Cling On “The Old Rugged Cross” 1
Photo Credits: Alan Jackson/Official Home Page

The Hymn that Adores the Sacrifice of Christ

We often show our adoration of Jesus’ sacrifice in many ways. Moreover, a lot of composers create tons of masterpiece in adoration to Him. The greatest atonement that we are familiar with is that when Jesus was crucified in Calvary. And, that’s what the hit “The Old Rugged Cross” is all about. I hope that we will not forget what He did for our salvation. And, we can repay Him in many ways like living in a Christian way, free from sin.  



Alan Jackson, Grand Ole Opry, The Old Rugged Cross

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