January 15

Mahalia Jackson Wants Us to Surrender Everything to God

It is never easy to surrender, whether it be a fight, your dream, or anything about life. When we hear the word surrender, we often associate this with defeat. Defeat has a negative meaning to most of us. When you surrender you give up your entitlement, your pride, and all of the things you have worked hard for. That is why we all fear to do such thing, and it is ,therefore, difficult to practice.

Even in the spiritual sense, it is not easy to surrender everything we have to God. We think that when we let God take control, we will end up living a boring life. We think that when we surrender to God life is never going to be as great as other people’s lives. However, the truth is we need to surrender to God. We need to let Him take control of everything in our life. When we let God take the lead, life is never going to be stressful like what we used to know.

The Story of the Songwriter

Let’s take a look at the life of the songwriter Judson W. Van DeVenter. He was struggling to whether he would pursue a career in art and music or become an evangelist. When he knows that he cannot decide anymore, he surrendered to God and let God do what He intended for Him. As it turns out Van DeVenter became an Evangelist, and later he wrote the hymn “I Surrender All.”

See, if we surrender everything to God, we will be guided to where we are supposed to be, as opposed to where we want to be.

Different Covers of “I Surrender All”

DeVenter’s hymn “I Surrender All” has inspired many artists to record the song. Some of these artists were Deniece Williams, who won a Grammy Award for her version, Glen Campbell, Amy Grant, and many more.

Mahalia Jackson’s Version

mahalia jackson
Photo Credit: legacy.com

One version that caught our attention was by the “Queen of Gospel,” Mahalia Jackson. The exact date when Jackson recorded it is unknown, but it was released thirty-three years after her death. Her recording was included on a compilation album released by Acrobat Records. The Forgotten Recordings album was released in 2005 and contained thirty-six divine and purely remarkable songs from Mahalia Jackson.



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