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The Controversy behind Jack Greene’s “Statue of a Fool”

The Controversy behind Jack Greene’s “Statue of a Fool” 1

“Statue of a Fool” is one of the timeless ballads in the country music scene. The song skyrocketed and reached millions of listeners in the late 60s to early 70s. Up to these days, country music obsessives considers it as one of the best songs of all time. Jack Greene, initially recorded the song and even placed it at number one on the country charts. Nevertheless, the song has a controversy regarding its authorship.

The Controversy behind Jack Greene’s “Statue of a Fool” 2

In most research and sources, the writing was credited to Jan Crutchfield, a respected and credible songwriter way back. He’s been writing a song for artists from the 1960’s to 2000s. On the other hand, “Statue of a Fool” was originally composed by David Ruffin. This is according to his wife, Genna Sepia-Ruffin. It was written in her book “A Memoir: David Ruffin-My Temptation.” She clearly stated that it was her husband who wrote the words and lyrics of “Statue of a Fool.” David Ruffin originally wrote and released the song in 1958 under the name “Little Eddie Bush.” At that time, he was just seventeen years old. Perhaps, the reason why the authorship went to Jan Crutchfield.

Despite the controversy, the song is still one of the best that it can remind us the beauty of country sounds in the 60s and 70s. With this, let’s all listen to Jack Greene, Brian Collins, Ricky Van Shelton, and David Ruffin’s renditions of the controversial hit “Statue of a Fool.”

Jack Greene…

Among all the versions of “Statue of a Fool,” Jack Greene’s was the most successful. His rendition has received a massive response from the listeners. It placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Ricky Van Shelton…

“Statue of a Fool” was re-released in 1989. Moreover, it was part of Ricky Van Shelton’s album “RVS III.” His cover reached number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Brian Collins…

In 1974, Brian Collins released his cover of “Statue of a Fool.” It was part of his album “This is Brian Collins.” Also, his cover placed number ten on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

David Ruffin…

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