If we think about it, we get off pretty easy with God. Despite our sinful nature, He forgives us like it’s easy as 1,2,3.

it's easy

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Because of God’s love and mercy, God was able to forgive us without second thoughts. That is very lucky of us because without that, Jesus would have never been sent here and we would not stand a chance in getting into heaven. Even up until today, we don’t really question why He forgave us so easily and just go with it.

it's easy

We were forgiven so easily by God and because of that, He sent us Jesus. Image from Needpix

One thing is for sure though, when He forgave us, He did it as it’s easy as 1,2,3. Does that translate to us and how we forgive others though? Sadly, when it comes to us, it’s not as easy as . . . Well, you get the idea.

Forgiveness, It’s Easy as 1,2,3 Or So We Think

When it comes to us trying to forgive others, we often find it incredibly difficult, to the point that it seems unreasonable. Let’s face it, sometimes we even go out of our way to avoid certain people and continue to seethe in anger rather than letting it go and forgive. It becomes even more irritating for us when the other person doesn’t seem to care nor when they act like they did nothing wrong. Of course, seeing this only makes us angrier and gives us another excuse not to forgive them.

it's easy

Adam and Eve. Image from Flickr

When Adam and Eve took a bite of that forbidden fruit, they blamed each other, came up with excuses, and were so focused on their guilt when they were confronted by God. Of course, blaming others and making excuses does not absolve us of sin. Instead, what we need to do is the opposite of what Adam and Eve did and look for God.

God already knows what we did, there is no point hiding it, and He also knows where we are, yet in the garden of Eden He still called out “Where are you?” because we are supposed to approach Him in times of need.

When we hold on to our anger and are not able to forgive, we are cloaked in darkness. In times like these, we need to seek God and ask some of His wisdom, grace, and love. In that way, we can forgive because, like God to us, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Rejoice in the fact that we are forgiven and ask for strength to forgive others with the inspirational song “All My Hope” performed by Crowder.

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