March 26, 2018

“It Was Jesus” By Johnny Cash, A Song About Jesus’ Miracles

johnny cash it was Jesus

A Song About Jesus By Johnny Cash

A song about the story of the miracles that Jesus did, to let us know who He truly is. When you listen to the song’s lyrics you can see that Johnny Cash is telling a story to his audience. In addition, he asked the children to pay attention, concluding that his audience was the children. He told each miracle that Jesus performed in front of His people. From the moment Jesus turned few loaves of bread and pieces of fish into thousands to feed all the people who came to listen to the gospel. Cash also mentioned in his song when Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead. Another miracle happened when Jesus was alive after three days. Jesus presented Himself to His apostles and then ascended to heaven.

It truly is an inspiring song, for it gives us hope that Jesus is not just real, but also He can do miracles. This Lenten season, let us remember How Jesus was nailed to the cross for something He doesn’t deserve. However, Jesus took all the pain and never complained if He knew that it is for us that He is doing it. Let us take the time to thank Jesus for sacrificing Himself for us, for helping us and for always being there for us. Nothing is impossible with Jesus.

Let The Children Know About Him

If you are looking for a way to introduce Jesus to you children’s life, then this song will do. It will definitely catch their attention. The words are simple and the beat of the song is catchy. Your children will certainly memorize the song in no time. Plus, they’ll get to know the man who did all those miracles, It Was Jesus.

“It Was Jesus”

“It Was Jesus” was part of Cash’s first gospel album entitled, Hymns By Johnny Cash. The album contains 13 tracks, wherein some were written by Cash, including that of “It was Jesus.” The album was released in 1959. Then it was re-issued in 2002, adding another version of cash’s song “It Was Jesus.”


It was Jesus, Johnny Cash

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