This is perhaps one of the most asked questions today, “Is nothing safe?” seems to be the common mindset we all have today, but do we have to be on edge about it?

is nothing safe

Example of the popular meme. Image taken from MemeMaker

Perhaps one of the most well-known meme on the internet is the “hide yo wife, hide yo kids” meme. It came from a video of a man in a news interview recalling what had happened to him then. In the midst of his story, he yells the now-famous phrase, “hide yo wife, hide yo kids” as a way to express the panic he was feeling.

Today it has become a popular meme to use when jokingly trying to tell people about something alarming or ironically alarming. The meme had been slowly losing its popularity throughout the years though but it seems that the current state of our society makes the meme more relevant than ever.

Slashed tires, identities being stolen, burglary, random shootings in places where we should be safe, and many more are all rising. With all these, is nothing safe anymore? Should we just hide in a bunker somewhere? Is there even a place where we can truly be safe?

is nothing safe

Image of slashed tires. Image from Wikipedia Commons

Well, for us Christians, like many dilemmas we may have, it is always a good idea to turn to the good book for answers and comfort.

Is Nothing Safe? Even in the Bible, This Mindset was Felt

is nothing safe

Statue of King David. Image from Flickr

When King David ruled he certainly may have asked “is nothing safe?” As a ruler, he had many threats from enemies and was in constant danger. There were many unseen attacks and many times where he found himself alone in the woods. He felt anguish and felt weak yet never felt fear about whether he or the world was safe or not.

This was all because he was confident of his faith in God and even prayed about it which we can see in Psalm 31:

“I trust in you Lord; I say ‘You are my God’. My times are in Your hand.”

He knew that he would be safe no matter what because of his faith so whatever God would throw at him, he knew he would still come out on top. It is the same for us, we have a God who keeps us close to Him and constantly protects us. We are safe because of His love and we should always be thankful for it.

Let’s rejoice that our God keeps us close to him for safekeeping with the song “How He Loves” by the David Crowder Band.