This video brings me back when I came to Texas, it brings back memories. I love the place and the people. Other than that, I also love the authentic Texan cuisine. It’s one of the best I tasted. The people at Facts decided to make Irish people try and eat Texan food. They presented the Irish folks six different dishes from Texas and let them taste test each one. The results are pretty adorable.

We need to give credits to the people of Facts for doing a good research of Texan food. We can also say that the food is pretty good, even though the execution is a little bit different.

Unfortunately, the menu left something less to be desired. Like, they have chosen to present mushroom soup which is not a classic food in the Lone Star State, as I have asked a friend who is a native of Texas.

I think every food was presented to the Irish folks was great. It really made me want to go back to Texas and eat that food, especially the pork ribs and the chicken wings. They wrap up the taste test with a famous pecan pie. The pecan tree is the Texas state tree for good reasons. It is hard to mess up pecan pie, as it is mostly just pecans, Karo syrup, and brown sugar.

I think people should travel to Texas not only for their culture but they should also taste the “really” Texans food. I also wonder, what’s going to be the reaction of hillbillies to Irish food? Would they like it the same as the Irish people loved their food? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below and do not forget to share this fun video of Irish people tasting Texan food.