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INTO THE CIRCLE: Kylee Rutland Sings About A Dream Come

INTO THE CIRCLE: Kylee Rutland Sings About A Dream Come 1
Kylee Rutland, Into the Circle

Kaylee Rutland‘s music  inclination started to dominate her heartbeat when she was 6. At that young age, she started playing piano and singing tunes she admired. Her love for music naturally bloomed having country music played in her background as she grew up in Texas. At 8 years old, she had a solo performance one Christmas in their church. And by her teens, she started to write her own songs.

The rising star proudly affirmed that her music is influenced by Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, and Sara Evans. According to her, each of them continues to inspire her singing and songwriting career. You heard it right, Kaylee is not just a singer but also a songwriter. She wrote if not co-wrote the songs in her albums.

Kaylee is currently completing her studies while focusing on her new album. The way she sees it, every step she takes in life is something to savor and celebrate. With an attitude and perspective like that, it’s easy to see why she’s so good at creating so many smiles.

“Into the Circle” ft. Jamie O’Neal and Colt Ford

This is a special song Kaylee co-wrote with Jamie O’Neal, Lisa Drew, and Jimmy Murphy. Her dream of stepping on the stage of the historic Grand Ole Opry brought inspiration to the song. Thus, “the circle” refers to her dream of performing in that historic stage.

INTO THE CIRCLE: Kylee Rutland Sings About A Dream Come 2
Jamie O’Neal (Into the Circle Recording)
INTO THE CIRCLE: Kylee Rutland Sings About A Dream Come 3
Colt Ford (Into the Circle recording)

A song that inspires indeed

I first heard this song when I was in high school. While working on my homework, this song was played on the radio and caught my attention. I still remember how I intently listen to the song the first time I heard it.

It awed me how the song felt like it was made for me. And when I watched the video, I saw a passionate young lady who sings from her heart.

I was a teenager who was filled with plans for my future that time – I was of the same age as Kylee Rutland when she released the single. I have frequent daydreams about my future career, adventures, and even building a family. And when I dream, I make sure they are big time. With those random thoughts, I actually don’t know how to start. I’ve got limited resources and possible hindrances can hurdle my way.

And then this song tells a story of a girl’s dream that came true. It embraces me with the sound of hope. It can make me believe that nothing is impossible. From that moment on, this song is ready to be played on my playlist every time I feel discouraged.

In the song, Kylee inspires us to pursue our aspirations. One day, the door will open and we will finally step into that “circle” that we’ve been dreaming of.

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Colt Ford, Into the Circle, Jamie O'Neal, Kylee Rutland

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