January 3

Intimate Time of Friendship & Praise at Vince Gill’s Studio

So glad to have stumbled into this clip of Vince Gill and his guests! The atmosphere was very homey and everybody was having a great time. Vince then talked about his guitars. (He has quite a collection of guitars, by the way). He took two of his guitars, handed one to Jim Booker and began playing.

Joy Frost joined in and began singing that classic hymn, How Great Thou Art. The rest of the group were captivated. Well, who would not be? See it for yourself. You will love their rendition, too.

“How Great Thou Art” by Vince Gill and Joy Frost

Did you do re-play? I would not fault you. Theirs is a moment worth remembering. It was unscripted and there was a blending of not just their voices, but spirits, too. The room seems to have lit up, as well.

Note also how delighted Vince Gill was jamming with his guests. Wish he will have more of this moment in the future. While singing before a crowd is a big thing, Mr. Gill playing music within a small group is a refreshing sight. Furthermore, the impact of their singing felt more organic and earnest.

Would you not want the same among your new found friends? Try inviting them to your house like Vince Gill did. From strangers to acquaintanceship, the small talks will quickly evolve into an unspoken kinship once you also decide to make praise expressed in songs and music to bind you all.


They call their organization, Constituting America.

According to their website (http://constitutingamerica.org), they are an organization that utilizes “movies, music, and television with the kids’ own works, to inspire Americans of all ages to learn about the U.S. Constitution.” They would then distribute their works through the national media. And since you’re here, you might as well check their website before you go.


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