March 22

A Song of Inspiration from Garth Brooks To Emma Gonzalez

Garth Brooks has a new activity in Facebook doing a weekly 30-minute installment of Facebook Live videos, Inside Studio G. On Monday night, March 29, he shared an encouraging message for a student activist, Emma Gonzalez. Garth also dedicated a touching performance of one of his unreleased songs relating to the upcoming March for Our Lives rally.

Brooks starts off the live video giving his adoration to the late country music journalist, Hazel Smith. After which, he continued to talk about his record-breaking concluding night performance at the Houston Rodeo.

To Whom Was the Song Dedicated?

After taking questions from fans, Brooks unveiled a new segment of Inside Studio G called “Primetime”. This is a portion where he aims to discuss current events with his viewers each week. In the initial episode, he shared a letter from Emma Gonzalez, one of the students who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14. Gonzalez has since led the call for student protests all over the country, with the goal of tapping public pressure on lawmakers. Her movement calls to permit a number of common sense gun control actions. In the end, this would help avoid future mass and school shootings.

He communicated the importance of Emma’s letter inviting people to walk in the March for Our Lives on March 24th in cities across the nation. Gonzalez is one of the organizers, and she recently wrote a letter which states in part,

“I believe the young people in this country can change the world, and wouldn’t that be something?”

What Did Brooks Have To Say?

Brooks took the time to speak to Gonzalez through the camera as if she was in front of him. He expressed his wish that this generation will be the one to end school shootings. Furthermore, he added that the other young protestors across the country will have to “be patient, be loving because there might be some cross voices that enter in this march. Be loving, be tolerant. Do not let hate win.” He encouraged Emma by saying,

“This is your world. Take it. Shape it. Mold it.”

Brooks then gave an emotional rendition of the powerful new song, which he has not recorded yet. The song is from the perspective of a father telling his children them that the choices they make at the moment are the ones that will shape their future. Obviously wiping away his tears, he sang,

“To my children I make this vow, to matter then, it must matter now

If we’re ever going to take a step beyond the road from here to gone

Because there’s an endless stream of angels I see walking in my dreams

So many different voices, so many different wings

Those without are those with plenty and the meekest are the strong

 All are one among the many marching on the road from here to gone

We’re all one among the many marching on the road from here to gone.”

Fast forward to 27:00 of the clip to hear this part of Garth Brook’s song for Emma Gonzales and all the youth of today.


Houston, you broke a #RodeoHouston record! Everything IS bigger in Texas!!! HA!!! I love you, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, March 19, 2018


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