May 22

Indulge and Melt Into this Gorgeous Cowboy’s Brooks & Dunn Cover

Lately, it’s been pretty hard for country-loving females across the globe to chance upon handsome and musically gifted young men. But when good-looking crooner Aaron Parker made waves online with his lovely cover of a Brooks & Dunn mega hit song, That Ain’t No Way to Go. Much to the enticement of the ladies, he sported a black cowboy hat that made him look real sharp as his eyes sparkled with such gentle seduction. There was a deep hum that came with his voice. It was full, it was compelling, and ultimately, his voice effortlessly coaxed every listener’s heartbeat.

Indulge and Melt Into this Gorgeous Cowboy’s Brooks & Dunn Cover 1

The song, which was a single recorded by country music duo Brooks & Dunn, first aired in 1994. The song’s melody and lyrics responded well to the listeners since it immediately snagged the number 1 spot in the charts.

As a side note, if you have ever wondered who sang the night the lights went out in Georgia, wonder no more. Check out our article after you read this piece.

Low, powerful, and intoxicating was the kind of voice that rang through the room as the cowboy hunk opened his mouth in a 4-minute long melodic spell. In between the lyrics that went, ‘That ain’t no way to go, girl, it just ain’t right’, Parker would stare deeply into the camera and smile coyly, too. It’s no wonder his video became an instant hit. And as his video continues to be shared and watched all over the World Wide Web, Parker’s fan girls are growing bigger and bigger as well!

At present, Parker’s official Facebook page has garnered a total of over 27, 000 likes. It turns out that the Alabama-native country music singer-songwriter has been busy touring all over the US, promoting his passion and first love which is music. Moreover, he recently released his Debut EP, which is also available on Spotify! Since his emergence in the music scene, Aaron Parker’s voice has been dubbed by fans as a ‘beautiful combination of Garth Brooks, early 200o’s Chesney, with a little hint of Ronnie Dunn.’ On the other hand, Parker describes his musical style as old school progressive; taking its roots from country music’s unique storytelling background and alternative rock’s straightforward appeal. He is also currently one of the most talked about new artists in Nashville. Some his own original songs include ‘I’d Go Right Now, Heaven on Wheels, Real Fast, Country Songs and You, and Homesick.

There are much more rising stars like Parker in the music industry. With each new name going viral and singing their hearts out and baring their souls to us, the world seems to enjoy all the more seeing country music from a different and fresher perspective. This also means that the generations succeeding ours won’t fall short of talented geniuses and individuals with a true passion for their chosen craft. Hopefully, these line-up of contemporary, modern-day artists will inspire teens and children their age to appreciate the genres and lyrics that our grandparents and great-grandparents grew up to. After all, music is the kind of magic that encompasses time and differences.

Now we wonder, who will be the next new musician to hit the spotlight?


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