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Christian Credal Song for Belief in Jesus, “In Christ Alone”

Christian Credal Song for Belief in Jesus, "In Christ Alone" 1
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Christian hymns songwriters Keith Getty (Northern Ireland) and Stuart Townend (England) began working together as musicians in 2000. Each has his own distinct strengths when it comes to music. For Stuart, his musical talent focuses on lyrics while Keith is more on melody composition. Besides writing hymns, these musicians play a more significant role. That is to bring to the table a strong belief in the significance of strong spirituality in the songs they sing each Sunday morning. It’s their noble call to inspire others to imbibe these songs and make them as integral elements of their life and faith. Hence, that’s what they’ve exactly depicted in their collaborative hymn, “In Christ Alone.”

Watch and sing with The Booth Brothers below.

Writing of the Song and Its Incredible Impact

Considered as a Christian creedal song for belief in Jesus Christ, “In Christ Alone” was the first hymn that Keith and Stuart wrote together. The idea originated from Keith who wanted to tell a gospel story in a song. After working on the melody related to this, Keith shared the idea with Stuart. It was also him who suggested its title. Stuart then began writing the lyrics and eventually came up with such an incredible text.

Clearly, the wording of “In Christ Alone” is a succinct embodiment of spiritual truths about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. It further conveys a deeper message about His saving power. After the artists shared the hymn in churches, they began realizing how memorable it is. That is due to the enormous emotion and passion the hymn suggests.

Over the years, the hymn-writing partners continue to hear good words from people about their hymn. The way it touched and changed others’ lives is truly amazing. Many people have found so much connection with the song in their Christian journey. Because of that, they become more inspired to keep on writing.

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