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The song: “Imagine That”

Imagine that” is one of Patsy Clines song that didn’t hit the top of the charts, and is not much recognized. The song only reached the No. 21 spot on the country charts and No. 90 on the pop charts.

The song was written in 1962 by Justin Tubb. “Imagine That” is part of Patsy Cline’s album When I Get Thru With You on its B side. The album, When I Get Thru With You, was produced under Decca Records.

The written words

If you haven’t heard Cline’s original version of the song here is a video for you to enjoy.

The song talks about the singers’ devotion to her lover. The singer repeatedly forgives her lover after all the hardship and pain she got from him.

“After all you’ve put me through

Well I can’t help it, I just do”

Even though the lover keeps on cheating or did something wrong the singer still take him back in a heartbeat. Can you imagine that, if someone special to you did something terribly wrong will you still take them back? Will you just hide the pain you feel for the sake of saving a relationship?

“Imagine this if you can

I’ve stood more, more than I should stand

But I’d still take you back again…”

It’s easy to answer No unless you are in someone’s shoes. If you can relate to Patsy Cline’s song, “Imagine That,” will you do anything just to save the love that you think is still there? Or will you walk away from a bad relationship?

“Can you believe, I’d swallow my pride

Well yes, yes, I guess you can

‘cause you know you’ve always had my foolish heart

Right in the palm of your hands…”

“Imagine That” Cover by Sara Evans

Despite “Imagine That” wasn’t as successful as Patsy’s other top performing hits, the various artist still covered this song. Sara Evans, also a well-known country music singer, included “Imagine That” in her album. Sara Evans made a cover for the song “Imagine That” and included in her first album Three Chords and The Truth.

Other of Cline’s underrated songs

Some of Cline’s songs that are not given that much attention are the following: “Always,” “So Wrong,” and “Seven Lonely Days.”

Cline’s famous songs are, “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “Crazy,” “I Fall to Pieces,” and “Faded Love.”



imagine that, Patsy Cline

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