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Country Artists who Sang with Pride “(I’m a) One Woman Man”

Country Artists who Sang with Pride "(I'm a) One Woman Man" 1
Country artists who sang “I’m a One Woman Man:” (clockwise) Johnny Horton, Steve Young, George Jones, Josh Turner, Glen Campbell | Photo credit:,,, Youtube,

This should be every man’s theme song. While you can’t compel all men to be the same, at least they’re given something ‘cool’ to reflect on. This ‘cool’ thing refers to the late ‘50s’ song called “(I’m a) One Woman Man.” Johnny Horton and Tillman Franks deserve all the acclamation for writing a tune that values faithfulness. And, being proud of his composition, Horton first recorded and released it as a single in 1956. The original version went on to become a Top 10 country hit peaking at No. 7.

Based on the literature, “(I’m a) One Woman Man” seemed to have been waiting for the right artist to touch. That means, the time it took before an artist would again make a version of the song is seemingly endless. While there are not many of them, here are the country artists who, most probably, had recorded the song as it affected them significantly.

George Jones (1960, 1988)

Perhaps “(I’m a) One Woman Man” appealed the most to country artist George Jones as he’s the first one to cover it. And, he did not only record the song once but two times in his career. His first rendition bearing the title “One Woman Man” appeared on his 1960 album The Crown Prince of Country Music. The follow-up record came almost three decades later. Jones released the song as the lead single on his album of the same name in November 1988. This latter version was a Top 5 on the country chart surpassing the original version’s chart performance.

Steve Young (1969)

After Jones’ first cover of “(I’m a) One Woman Man,” the next would come after 13 years. Country music artist and one of the pioneers of the “country movement” Steve Young was the man behind this cover. His version was included on his debut album Rock Salt & Nails. Described as a pioneering country-rock/outlaw album, the record was released in November 1969.

Glen Campbell (1987)

It took an even longer period before the next version of the song appeared. Glen Campbell, who scored a string of hits in the ‘60s and ‘70s, released his cover of “(I’m a) One Woman Man” on his 43rd album. The song serves as the album’s lead track. Entitled Still Within the Sound of My Voice, the album was a follow-up to his Top 40 album called It’s Just a Matter of Time.

Josh Turner (2007)

Finally, after two decades, another interpretation of “(I’m a) One Woman Man” existed. Josh Turner was the latest country artist who got hooked on the song. Turner’s cover appeared on his third album Everything is Fine which debuted at No. 5 on Billboard 200 chart. It later received a gold certification from RIAA.

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