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“I’m Just A Country Boy”: Money Can Buy Anything But Not Everything

Yes, money can buy anything you want but not everything you need. It gives a picture of having the pleasure of a sparkling diamond stone, the inclination of approval, and the feeling of satisfaction. However, it does not provide you the contentment and the delight. But “love” or a “truthful love” can undeniably give you the bliss. Undoubtedly, it is the one entity that wealth can never devour.

“I’m Just A Country Boy” represents the comprehensions with its simple yet direct lyrics. It becomes more appealing with a patch of suave harmony and a touch of smooth vocals.

Lend me your ears for this song will lead you to your realization.

The Metamorphosis Of The Song…

Fred Hellerman and Marshall Baker pooled resources to write the song in 1954 and was first documented by Harry Belafonte with the assistance of Hugo Winterhalter and his orchestra. Furthermore, the print on the record informs us that the song was written by Fred Brooks and Marshall Baker. This is because “Fred Brooks” was a pseudonym for Fred Hellerman who was blacklisted in the McCarthy era for his socialist ideals.

The Evolution Of The Song…

Due to its reputation, “I’m Just A Country Boy” was covered numerous times by respective artists. This includes Sam Cooke who recorded his version in 1960. Another soloist, Steve Camacho, recorded the song in 1962. While in 1967, Julie Felix recorded a version entitled “I’m Just A Country Girl” which was highly appreciated by the listeners. Moreover, Richard Manuel of “The Band” had his version in 1985. It was his last recordings before his death. In 2008, the song was included in Allison Krauss’ album “A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection”. Also, Bobby Vee recorded the song in his final sessions in 2014.

“I’m Just A Country Boy”: Money Can Buy Anything But Not Everything 1

Other known versions comprise of George McCurn on March 16, 1963, Jim Ed Brown in 1965, Ronnie Laine in 1974, Jimmie Rodgers, Jim Croce as a demo, Jimmy Witherspoon, Roger Whittaker, David Ball, John Holt, The Brothers Four, and Bobby Vinton.

Lastly, the most successful and most notable version of them all was Don Williams’ which was released in 1977. “I’m Just A Country Boy” was part of his album “Country Boy”. He placed the song on top and became his seventh No.1 on country charts. As a matter of fact, the single stayed at No.1 for a week and spent a total of eleven weeks on the country charts.

“I’m Just A Country Boy”: Money Can Buy Anything But Not Everything 2

The Lyrics That Say It All…

I ain’t gonna marry in the fall, Ain’t gonna marry in the spring
‘Cause I’m in love with a pretty little girl
Who wears a diamond ring.

And I’m just a country boy, money have I none
But I’ve got silver in the stars, gold in the mornin’ sun

Never gonna kiss the ruby red lips
Of the prettiest girl in town
Never gonna ask her if she’d marry me
I know she’d turn me down.

‘Cause I’m just a country boy, money have I none
But I’ve got silver in the stars, and gold in the mornin’ sun

I never could afford a store bought ring
With a sparkling diamond stone
All I could afford is a loving heart
The only one I own.

Above all, the song has been recorded from generation to generation and, certainly, will be covered over and over again. This only proves that its power to remind us of its meanings will strike us again and again.

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