August 9

“I’m Already There:” A Tribute to the Military

“I’m Already There” is a song by the country music band Lone Star. The song was released in March 2001. The track was a No.1 hit for 6  weeks from June to July. We pay tribute to all men in uniform in the second version of this song.

Hanging On to a 3-Week-Old Letter

It’s hard, you get a letter every three weeks and that’s what you hang on to

These are the words of a wife whose husband is stationed in Afghanistan. It’s hard not to be with a loved one. Yet, we hang on to their words that they’ll be home very soon.

im already there
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Being in the military service is no joke. The sacrifice of being far away from home is another battle that our soldiers fight. Missing our loved ones, constantly worrying and counting days when they could go back home are among the things that they have done when they are not with us.

Singing From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

The song “I’m Already There” sends a message that people who are away from home are still with us. That our military officers maybe physically away but they always think about us. To all the men in uniform,

“We miss you. We love you. You are our hero. See you soon.”

And there is nothing more perfect than being finally physically reunited with family. This song is for all the men in uniform. Salute!

Watch “I’m Already There” Official Music Video:

On June 7, 2001, the music video premiered on CMT.   They released another version of the music video to recast the song as a tribute to the military on April 21, 2003. This version is the one that is most-played on TV.

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