January 16

“I’ll Fly Away:” A Testimony of Faith from Keith Urban

In the Christian perspective, all our actions on earth will be our passes on where we will go once we die. It’s similar to the passage in the Bible “we reap what we sow.” Hence, there are only two places to go once we die, its either we go to heaven or we go to hell. But I hope that no one will go to hell, not a single person wants to go there. Anyhow, if we don’t want our souls to be burned for eternity, then we should follow God’s commands. Once we do that, then we are sure that we will go to heaven to be with Him for eternity. Who would not want to experience that? As they say, there will be no hunger, pain, and loneliness there. If you will widen your imagination, it seems like paradise, but are you ready for it? Well, to inspire you I have here a cover hit from Keith Urban.

 CMA Entertainer of the Year

He is one of the most successful artists of today. In addition, he was able to push 18 number one singles in the U.S. Hot Country songs. This artist is the reason behind the successful hits “But for the Grace of God,” and “Somebody Like You.” Plus, he won the Entertainer of the Year last 2018 at the Country Music Awards. I hope that you also like Keith Urban.

“I’ll Fly Away:” A Testimony of Faith from Keith Urban 1
Photo Credits: Keith Urban Official Home Page

The Hit that Talks about Heaven

All of us wants to go to heaven, but none of us wants to go first. Isn’t it an irony? Moreover, most of us hold material things that will not last. Unlike if we are in heaven, we will live there forever. I hope that you are familiar with the cover hit of Keith Urban, “I’ll Fly Away.” It talks about being ready to go to heaven and it also has that eager vibe in meeting the Lord. 



Keith Urban

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