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Be Amazed With Il Divo’s Gracious Rendition of “Amazing Grace”

The all-time popular gospel hymn “Amazing Grace” is just as timeless as its meaning and message. It has touched a lot of people who has heard it. As a result, many have shared their reflections after listening to its life-changing message. For singers and artists alike, they also have a way of getting into a song. They produce one based on their experience, inspiration, and interpretation to whatever they encounter in their lives. Also, they may cover songs that change them in an aspect they did not expect would. “Amazing Grace” is just one of these songs that are popularly covered and well-rendered.

Be Amazed With Il Divo's Gracious Rendition of "Amazing Grace" 1
Il Divo |Photo Credits: pledgemusic.com

Take for example the all-male multi-national classic vocal group Il Divo. In 2008, the group touched everyone’s heart when they performed “Amazing Grace.” Performing in an open space that seems like The Colosseum in Rome, Italy, Il Divo rendered a distinct version of their own. Taking their roots as a classical crossover and operatic pop singer, the male quartet displayed their vocal prowess by giving a twist to the hymn. The first part of the song was a solemn, calm melody highlighting the harmony and blending of their voices. Then the magic happens when they turned it up and made it operatic. Their voices were heavenly as it hit notes for note. Simply Amazing!

WATCH and be amazed by Il Divo’s rendition of the gospel classic hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

Il Divo: A Multi-national Vocal Group

An all-male quartet, Il Divo is a multi-national vocal group that was originated and formed in the United Kingdom in December 2003. The singers come from different countries: Urs Bühler from Switzerland, Carlos Marín from Spain, David Miller from the USA, and Sébastien Izambard from France. To note, they sing classical crossover songs as well as operatic pop, melodic, adult contemporary, folk, and also cover sacred and gospel hymns.

Be Amazed With Il Divo's Gracious Rendition of "Amazing Grace" 2
Il Divo |Photo Credits: people.com

Furthermore, the quartet has been active internationally starting in 2004. They have been signed under recording labels such as Sony, Syco, and Columbia. As of 2015, Il Divo has already released nine albums in total, namely, Il Divo in 2004, Ancora in 2005, Siempre in 2006, The Promise in 2008, Wicked Game in 2011, A Musical Affair in 2013, and Amor & Pasión in 2015. In addition, they have also produced a compilation album, The Greatest Hits, in 2012, and a Christmas Special album, The Christmas Collection, in 2005.

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