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“If Tomorrow Never Comes:” Garth Brooks vs Ronan Keating


What’s the most popular version of “If Tomorrow Never Comes?” Is it the one recorded by Garth Brooks or is it by Ronan Keating? Let’s find out.

Garth Brooks Ronan Keating If Tomorrow Never Comes
Garth Brooks first recorded “If Tomorrow Never Comes”/ Photo via her.ie.com

Garth Brooks Owns “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” was originally written as a country song. It was Brooks who wrote the song with Kent Blazy. Right after composing the song, Brooks recorded and released it as a single. This was his very first love song. Brooks believed he’ll always be the one remembered with this song.

“”If Tomorrow Never Comes” will probably always be my signature song.”

Brooks earned his first number one on the country chart. As a result, he was slowly being recognized in the country music industry.

Ronan Keating’s Cover

After Brooks made “If Tomorrow Never Comes” successful, it was recorded by different artists including Ronan Keating. It was in 2002 when Ronan revived the song and made it known worldwide. His rendition was a chart-topper in different countries. Keating gave justice to the song, making it as if he owned the song.

Garth Brooks vs. Ronan Keating

Comparing these two artists’ version is difficult because both were great. In addition, each artist catered to a different market. Brooks sang it in a country style of music, that’s why his song became popular to country fans all over the world. Meanwhile, Keating’s version leans toward the pop genre. We can all agree then that this round’s a tie, as both singers gave us the style of song we wanted.

It was Almost Not Recorded

Did you know that “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was almost not recorded? Blazy shared in an interview with Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters Association International on how the song went through a lot before it was recorded. Brooks and his co-writer Blazy spent a year presenting the song to record labels, but not even one was interested in taking it. However, when Brooks had to fill in for a performer who was sick in Bluebird, he performed the song. He captured the attention of Linda Schultz, who works in Capitol Records – the recording studio that once declined Brooks. With it, Brooks finally signed a record deal.


Garth Brooks, if tomorrow never comes, Ronan Keating

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