March 29

Why Conway Twitty’s “I’d Love to Lay You Down” Became Controversial?


There’s nothing lovelier than to hear a song, hear a story, or watch a movie when a couple is still madly in love with each other no matter how long they have been together. It seems that we all want a love that lasts forever. Obviously, no one has ever wished to not have a lasting love life. And since we are talking about a love that lasts forever, why not listen to a song by Conway Twitty.

Conway Twitty’s Controversial Song

Twitty is always good at delivering sensual love songs, and this one is no different from his other songs. “I’d Love to Lay You Down” was penned by Johnny MacRae. The song may have reached number one, giving Twitty his twenty-fourth single on top of the chart, but the song was deemed to have a sensitive topic. Many radio stations refused to play the song because they think it has a topic that is not good for the public. However, Twitty defended the song saying it’s a love song about a longtime married couple.

Conway Twitty I'd Love to Lay You Down Daryle Singletary
Photo Credit: Conway Twitty/ sunrecords.com

Before Conway Twitty

Before Twitty recorded the song, it was actually written for Johnny Duncan. However, he also refused to record the song because of the sensitive topic. Since Twitty is commonly known to record such songs, they gave it to him.

conway twitty i'd love to lay you down daryle singletary
Photo Credit: Johnny Duncan/ amazon.com

Daryle Singletary’s Cover

Another artist who recorded the song was Daryle Singletary. He covered it for his album That’s Why I Sing This Way. When he released it as a single, it secured the forty-third spot on the country chart.

“I’d Love to Lay You Down”

Reading or singing the first part of the song, you might immediately think that it is too controversial. You might even agree with Duncan and some radio stations before. However, as you go along, you’ll notice that Twitty was right. It’s a love song. Yes “I’d Love to Lay You Down” tells the story of a man who’s still in love with his wife. Even though they have been together for a long time. Despite the fact that his wife doesn’t look as she used to be, he’s still attracted to her.

There’s so many ways your sweet love made this house into a home
You’ve got a way of doing little things that turn me on
Like standing in the kitchen in your faded cotton gown
With your hair still up in curlers I still love to lay you down

Isn’t it lovely when a couple is still in love with each other no matter how long they have been together?


conway twitty, Daryle Singletary, i'd love to lay you down

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