“I Saw The Light” is one of Hank Williams Sr.’s country gospel song. Take a listen to it and let’s all reflect on its message of redemption.

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Any fan of the Hank Williams Sr. would know that he didn’t exactly have the most righteous life, however, that only made him give us one of the more inspiring gospel songs. This is perhaps one of the best examples of “God working in mysterious ways” where he used one of the best country artists ever to come up with one of the more memorable hymns for Christians.

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The hymn is still being sung today in many different styles among Christian sects. The message of the hymn is one that we, at one point, have had to go through. It is a struggle when we lose our paths from God, but thanks to the guiding light of Jesus, we are always able to return to the right path.

It is the happiest feeling when a lost lamb exclaims “I Saw The Light” and returns to the flock of Christ. We always need to remember that when we get lost, we only need  to look at the cross that saved us and it will help lead us back.

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God never wants us away from Him; this is why He sent Jesus to us. When we sinned, we were pulled away from God and that hurt Him and condemned us. Thanks to Jesus, we were lead back to the right way into the arms of God.

“I Saw The Light,” Learning from Hank Williams Sr.

We all know that Hank Williams Sr. didn’t exactly live the holiest life; there were a lot of controversies in his life and career. He was lost too deep into the darkness that everything seemed hopeless.

Yet, somewhere along the road, Hank was able to look up and he saw the light. It led him back to God. When we see that we too are lost, remember the song “I Saw The Light” and like Hank, use it to get back to God.

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