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“I Love You This Much,” Hence, You Were Never Unloved

“I Love You This Much,” Hence, You Were Never Unloved 1
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There was this young boy, who desperately hankered for a father’s love. It was too painful for him to have his father literally on his side, yet he can’t even feel his embrace, nor his presence. Regardless of his innocence, he still tried to rip the barrier that blocked their relationship. But, how can he cross the distance when it’s his father who has sternly built the wall?

The love that remained unreciprocated has slowly cemented his heart until it completely turned into a durable stone. His fondness turned into abhorrence, making him curse his father until the old man’s death.  Then came his father’s funeral service, where he witnessed the greatest mystery of his life. As he saw the image of Jesus Christ on the cross, he was dumbstruck, and realized he “hadn’t been unloved or alone all his life.” Though he never had the chance to savor the caress from his biological dad, he has a Father who loves him unconditionally, forever.

This is the story of hope and inspiration relayed in Jimmy Wayne’s song, “I Love You This Much.”

I love you this much
I’m waitin’ on you
To make up your mind, do you love me too
However long it takes I’m never givin’ up
No matter what I love you this much

“I Love You This Much”

Jimmy Wayne co-wrote the song with Don Sampson and Chris Dubois. The storyline is closely related to Wayne’s real-life encounters. He was abandoned by his father at a young age then raised by a troubled mother, who was later jailed. He then had to move from one foster house to another.

When he was 15 years old, he personally saw how his stepfather shot his stepsister three times. One day, he was almost murdered by the same man, but he was able to run away. He had to survive alone, living on the streets until a neighborhood couple, Beatrice and Russel Costner, eventually became his foster family.

With the new found home, Wayne indulged with his musical inclination. He formed his first band called Fantasyche, and they performed on any occasion when they’re given the chance. An inmate who made an anti-drug presentation during a school assembly specifically ignited Wayne’s passion for music. He visited the inmate for songwriting advice. He decided to work at the prison while studying criminal justice at a local community college. After graduation, he went out from North Carolina to find his fate in Nashville.

The music world has been good to Wayne. He worked as a songwriter at Acuff-Rose Music for three years. After writing top hit songs recorded by other artists like Tracy Byrd, he signed with DreamWorks Nashville in 2001. And in June 2003, he released his debut album, which immediately placed a top hit in the Billboard chart.

Through all the years, new artists may recurrently be introduced in country music, but John Wayne’s talent will not go out of place. He continues to render songs that brings a good message to any situation, up to this time.

“I Love You This Much,” Hence, You Were Never Unloved 2
Jimmy Wayne (image from Frostsnow)

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Father And Son, I Love You This Much, Jimmy Wayne

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