There is that one place that we keep on patronizing. Also, some of us always go back to that place because of some aspects. Maybe we are considering the place itself, the food, the service that we get or the culture that the place has. Anyhow, we have a lot of personal reasons to consider. But do you have that certain place where you really love the most?. Why do keep on going back to that place?. Anyway, maybe you are like Toby Keith, who describes his favorite place on one of his songs. Let’s go ahead and take a look.

The Cowboy from Oklahoma

He is considered as one of the most successful country artists of his generation. Due to his lavish success, this artist was able to sell 40 million albums worldwide.  Further, he was able to push 20 number one hits in the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Moreover, his debut single “Should’ve been a Cowboy” was considered as the most played country song in the 90’s. I hope that you did not forget the man behind “Beer for My Horses,” a duet hit with Willie Nelson. Which was his longest number one that stayed in six weeks in the charts. Of course, I’m referring to Toby Keith.

Photo Credits: Toby Keith Official Home Page

Shock’n Y’all

This hit was considered as one of the sensational songs in 2003. In addition, it stayed in the Billboard Hot Country charts as number one for six weeks. And did you know that the title of the song was inspired by his chain of restaurants? I hope that you have heard “I Love this Bar” from Toby Keith.  The hit talks about how the narrator loves the bar and how he likes to chill every time he is in that place. Considering this, he also added the different types of people who usually go to that bar and have fun.