June 20

“I Don’t Want To”: An Ashley Monroe and Ronnie Dunn Duet

ashley monroe i don't want to

When you love someone, no matter how long, it’s difficult to replace them with another person. Sometimes you compare everyone you meet with that person. That’s the sad thing about breaking up with the person whom you thought was going to be the one you’ll be with forever.

Satisfied Album

Ashley Monroe is an American country singer who began her career in 2005. “Satisfied” was the first song she released but wasn’t able to make it to the country charts. Then when she released her second single “I Don’t Want To” featuring Ronnie Dunn her song peaked at No. 37 on the US Billboard charts. Her song “I Don’t Want To” wasn’t included on her album Satisfied when she released it in 2009.

About the Song

If you have finally found that perfect person but you didn’t end up together, replacing them is not that easy. Ashley Monroe’s song expresses how it feels like to replace someone you used to love, and the struggle is definite. She knows she can do better or find someone better than her man, but she always keeps coming back to him. Her heart only belongs to her ex-lover. She is also aware that there are some guys out there that could treat her like a queen and will make her happier than he could. However, she is always reminded of what they have together, therefore, she doesn’t want anybody else but him.

This was Ashley’s first collaboration with a famous country musician. Ashley sang at the beginning of the song, and Ronnie Dunn joined in at the chorus.

What’s with Ashley Monroe Now?

Ashley has released albums from 2009 to 2016. In 2017 Monroe gave birth to her first child, Dalton William Danks. This year Ashley released her new album Sparrow, under the Warner Bros. Her album peaked at No. 21 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. She said that her album was influenced by legendary country singers such as Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley, and Glen Campbell.

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Ashley Monroe, I Don't Want to, Ronnie Dunn

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