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I DON’T CALL HIM DADDY: Doug Supernaw Sings About Being a Dad

I DON'T CALL HIM DADDY: Doug Supernaw Sings About Being a Dad 1
Doug Supernaw (image from Youtube)

In 1993, Doug Supernaw, a Texas-born country star strummed his fans’ heartstrings with his lone number one hit, “I Don’t Call Him Daddy.” Until this time, it is called the signature song for a “Long Tall Texan,” who still plays live around his home state. The song talks about how innocent children suffer when their parents split up.  It’s from Doug’s album “Rio Grande,” which garnered a high rank on 1993’s best debut album.

“I Don’t Call Him Daddy,” an old-school country sentiment about broken families and youthful innocence, came from the creative writing of Reed Nielsen. The song was actually first heard on the 1987 Kenny Rogers album, “I Prefer the Moonlight.” Roger’s version lacked promotion. It did not make it to the top of the charts.

A Hurting Dad

The song has an unusual storyline. We’re used to hearing sentiments coming from a woman being left by her partner, but this time, the song tells of a father who laments about losing his son caused by his wife’s betrayal. The new man may seem capable of being a good step-dad who can afford to buy the boy’s needs, but nothing compares to the weekend bonding the father and son shared.

Doug’s voice accompanied by excellent instruments added to the level of sorrow in the song. It’s an expression of a father’s feeling of loneliness after saying goodbye to his son. The thought of walking the road alone hurt the man even more.

Those who grew in the nineties can relate to the scenario the song displays. If it’s not from your personal experience, it at least describes the early experiences of a neighbor or classmate with a loving yet usually absent parent.

I DON'T CALL HIM DADDY: Doug Supernaw Sings About Being a Dad 2
Doug Supernaw and son (image from Youtube)

Real father and son bonding

The music video features Doug Supernaw and real-life son, Philip. Both wearing a sports-themed t-shirt, suggesting that the younger Supernaw would later play for the Kansas City Chiefs. Interestingly, Philip is currently a tight end and special team player for the Tennessee Titans.

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Doug Supernaw, I Don’t Call Him Daddy

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