July 25

“I CAN’T LOVE YOU BACK,” A Eulogy that Leaves You Transfixed

"I CAN'T LOVE YOU BACK," A Eulogy that Leaves You Transfixed 1
Easton Corbin (image from Youtube)

Easton Corbin bares his soul with his aching country ballad, “I Can’t Love You Back.” The deeply resounding bass line accompanied by the steel pedal and piano can’t overcome the heartfelt plea eloquently waived by Corbin’s smooth George Strait– like voice.

Girl, I love you crazy
It comes so easy, after all we had
I could love you with all my heart
But the hardest part is
I just can’t love you back

The song doesn’t shadow the typical story-line of heartbreaks or breakups since it leaves the audience wondering what really happened. The narrator wrestles with the inability to express his emotions. And though the reasons and details were not revealed, it leaves a strong emotional connection with the listener.

I could write a thousand letters
Call a hundred times a day
Or try to drown my sorrow at the bar
I could go down to the church
Get on my knees and pray
But it still won’t change the way things really are
Won’t bring you back again

The second verse of the song gives us a slight picture of the story. The lines spell out the struggles that people go through whenever we lose someone we dearly love. The song perfectly encapsulates the painful hankering to touch someone who’s become invisible. No matter how much we care for them, we can’t express it because they are not coming back anymore. We can spend time visiting places that will refresh the memories, or we can be active with activities that we once shared but still, these things won’t bring them back. The best we can do is to turn our sorrows to God, and allow His grace to heal our wounded hearts.

"I CAN'T LOVE YOU BACK," A Eulogy that Leaves You Transfixed 2
(image from Our Sunday Visitor)

The music video

On top of the melancholic theme, the video for the song is equally heart wrenching that gives a solid perspective on what the song is really about. The subplot of the story was presented backward. It starts with the woman in the car, who later makes her way to the bedroom where she finds Corbin. She sits for a few seconds, and motions to leave. The video ends after she turns around, and both of them look at each other’s faces. The overall production gives a total package. You might even find yourself drenched in tears after digesting the song’s entirety.

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Easton Corbin, I Can't Love You Back

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