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“I Believe in You:” Don Williams’ 11th Number 1 Hit Single


Saying the words “I Believe in You” to someone means we trust him/her. We should not believe anyone if he/she first does not believe in his/herself. We should not take the risk of entering a relationship if we do not know how to trust our self or someone. Honestly, there is no formula of having a happy and successful relationship, but remember that we can be happy in a relationship even when everything seems to fall apart.

I Believe in You, Don Williams
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Relationships do not only live in romance but it should also endure sacrifices. We cannot say that we have experienced falling in love if we have not experienced to sacrifice. An example is a couple willing to work from afar just to give his/her family their own needs after being married.

“I Believe in You”

It is a ballad love song written by Roger Cook, and Sam Hogin. It was recorded by American country artist Don Williams. It was produced by Williams, along with Garth Fundis under MCA Records.

I Believe in You, Don Williams
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Williams’ song “I Believe in You” was released on August 1980 as a single from his album, I Believe in You. Upon the release of the song, it had entered into country charts and has spent over 12 weeks on the chart. Thus, it became number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Country Songs chart and Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart.

About the Song

Love songs are really loved by listeners. It does not matter how old the song is as long as it has beautiful words put into it, listeners will surely love it. Believe me, there is always a certain person who can relate to every love song played. Knowing that we all experience love and being loved.

I know with all my certainty what’s goin’
With you and me is a good thing
It’s true, I believe in you

One of the most precious achievements we can have in this world is falling in love and being loved back. Nowadays, love is given to people who deserve it. If you have not treasured and kept the love that has been given to you, then you do not deserve it. A love wasted is like a glass broken. You can bring back its broken pieces, but its perfect figure will never be brought back.

Here’s the song “I Believe in You” by Don Williams:


Classic Love Song, don williams, I believe in you

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