November 14

Best Loved Hymns IV : Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Besieged on all sides? Troubles mounting? Perception of things clouded? There is no escaping them, true. But there will always be an opportune time to deal with them. For now, tear your eyesight from them and “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”

To most, those words were simply a religious platitude, a metaphor for simply trusting Jesus. It isn’t. (And I trust many of you, readers, will be able to relate). Purposely seeing Jesus is a literal act. Once, you saw him for real. Though initially you were hesitant about what you saw and thought it could have just been a figment of your imagination. Yet over time, God confirmed in various ways that it was a legit Jesus sighting. So what will you do? Naturally, you will desire to see Him again, and more of it. Just one glimpse could cage a soul.  Like an addict, you will keep going back to that time he appeared to you. But would you be selfish to keep it to yourself? No. You will invite others to see him too.

Do “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.” Alan Jackson’s singing will just usher you to Him. Assuredly, it is a favor you can give yourself. By fixing your eyes on him, he will set to order where your affections should lie. That way, you could have peace of mind. How could it get more complicated than that?


Inspired by a bible tract called “Focused,” Helen H. Lemuel wrote and completed the song within a week in 1918. She retained in the song’s chorus the following words:

“So then, turn your eyes upon Him, look full into His face and you will find that the things of earth will acquire a strange new dimness.”

According to Helen, the song was in her soul and spirit with the wordings dictated by the Holy Spirit.


Alan Jackson, gospel, Hymns

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