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Glorious Hymns Covers: Be Thou My Vision

Hymn HistoryGlorious Hymns Covers: Be Thou My Vision 1

433 A.D

It was the Eve of Easter and it happened to coincide with two of the Irish festivals, Druid Feast of Bealtaine and the Spring Equinox. Both festivals observe “fireless night.” King Logaire of Tara then ordered that no fire, not even candles, would be lit. Only one huge bonfire in the hill of Tara was to be lit symbolizing the deification of the king.

Ten miles away from the Hill of Tara, a missionary named St. Patrick did not flinch and decided to take a stand for Christ. He dared defy the King’s decree by building a bonfire on the Hill of Slane opposite the Hill of Tara. The message in his brave act was clear-cut: Jesus Christ is the Only God-King for Christians.

Impressed, the King of Tara spared and allowed St. Patrick to continue his missionary work in Ireland.

Be Thou My Vision –Jason Waller

If Christ Were Our Vision Glorious Hymns Covers: Be Thou My Vision 2

Not only will it transform our lives but it will also cause radical changes in a nation.

People who have learned to let Christ be their vision now see the world differently. Compared to His Majestic beauty, worldly prestige and possessions are nothing but dung. In practical terms, what we previously deem as valuable- power, the American dream, and our passing dreams- no longer hold much appeal to us. Eternity becomes stamp on our eyeballs as Leonard Ravenhill used to say.

Gradually, we learn to understand the Heavenly Father’s heart and we start sharing in the mind of Christ. Consequently, we learn to curb our innate selfishness. Knowing that nothing on earth will last forever, we should not hold back in giving more of ourselves in willing service.



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