July 4, 2018

Ferlin Husky’s “Gone” Arguably Leads to Nashville Sound Era

Ferlin Husky's "Gone" Arguably Leads to Nashville Sound Era 1
Ferlin Husky | Photo credit: generationrecords.campband.com

It was in the mid-1950s that the Nashville Sound emerged as a subgenre of American country music. Its chart dominance has eventually replaced the honky-tonk music, the most popular genre during the preceding decades. Such move in the music history was an attempt “to revive country sales.” At the onset of this era, some historians and critics have documented their observations of the music genre’s early implementation. Accordingly, several commentaries began appearing on publications talking about the primary songs that helped shape the Nashville Sound. 

The term “Nashville Sound” first appeared in an article published in the Music Reporter in 1958. In the report, the term was associated with American country Jim Reeves who became a pioneer of the music genre. Another article about him came out in 1960, courtesy of TIME magazineMeanwhile, other music observers named several recordings to have contributed to the early establishment of the Nashville Sound. One of these recordings was Ferlin Husky’s “Gone.” Country historian Rich Kienzle claimed that the 1956 song “may well have pointed to the way of the Nashville sound.”

Ferlin Husky’s “Gone”

Known for his smooth voice, Ferlin Husky recorded the song “Gone” in November 1956. It hit the country music chart’s No. 1 in 1957. Probably, his distinct vocal texture made his song identified by Kienzle to have led to the Nashville Sound’s birth. This qualified to some of the characteristics of a Nashville Sound including “smooth strings and choruses” and “smooth tempos.” The singer and Grand Ole Opry member has other previous records before “Gone.” However, it was this 1956 record that made a significant contribution to the Nashville Sound approach.

Feel delighted by Husky’s smooth voice in this live singing of his No. 1 song “Gone.”


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