In El Paso, Texas – a 63-year-old man, whose wife tragically died in the shooting that happened in a Walmart, invited everyone in his community to his wife’s funeral.

Antonio Basco had no other relatives left, with his wife being the only one until her unfortunate passing. Due to this fact, he decided to open his wife’s funeral to the public with the hope that people would come and grieve with him.

El Paso

Photo of Antonio Basco laying candles for his wife and other victims of the mass shooting. Image taken from Perches Funeral Home official Facebook page.

El Paso, The Tragedy and a Grieving Husband

Antonio Basco and Margie Reckard were married for more than two decades. He regarded his wife as his “angel,” the rock he could lean on, and the partner he could rely on. Basco stated in an interview that his wife, Reckard, were together for 22 years and that she was incredibly kind and selfless, both traits incomparable.

“I mean you didn’t even have to be there to talk to her. You could just look at how she was, how she acted, how she presented herself. She was an awesome lady,”

Basco said in an interview with The Associated Press,

“You see Margie, more or less, was the brains of the family.”

Basco continued to say that both he and Reckard knew that there was a spark from the beginning, there was something there when they first met. He also says that their life could be compared to a fairy tale. Reckard was his rock, she was the strong one, he tells interviewers, and that she is “going to be missed.”

Reckard’s services will be held on a Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Perches Funeral Home, 4946 Hondo Pass in northeast El Paso. The chapel can hold about 200 people. In an interview with ABC-7 news, the funeral director said that he hoped the chapel would be filled when the service starts.

El Paso

Photo of Margie Reckard. Screengrab from Youtube

For those out of the loop about the El Paso mass shooting, here’s a short video from The Telegraph all about it.

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