July 12

America’s Got Talent: Hunter Price is the New Guy to Look Forward To

Hunter Price

Brace yourselves for Hunter Price is the new guy to look forward to. This twenty-five-year-old aspiring star is from Georgia and he has just made the rounds. His singing and songwriting ability surprised the world when he auditioned at America’s Got Talent. He can play the guitar, he can do covers, and he can definitely write good songs. He will surely be a star, and we’ll be hearing his voice over the radios soon.

The Audition…

Hunter Price sang “Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams since the song meant a lot to her mom. Growing up, Price has been singing the song in karaoke competitions. This time Price would like to make it on his own. However, the judges especially Simon Cowell didn’t feel the song was the right piece. So, Simon stopped him midsong and advised him to forget the karaoke competitions because he believes that Price has the voice. Simon asked Price of his dream. He then answered, he wanted to be like Taylor Swift, and the crowd went on laughing and shouting. But, Simon told him that Taylor writes her own material.

He then sang his original “Left Behind.” With this, people were amazed, and even the judges were astonished of how good the song is and his voice. Price received a standing ovation from the audience, and he’s overwhelmed.

Furthermore, people, as well as the judges, were moved by his story. Price has been on his own since he was eighteen. There were also times he didn’t have enough money for food. His story pierced the hearts of the viewers.

The song goes

“Come on take a ride with me we’ll put some gasoline in this truck.”

Watch till the end for you will be mesmerized and touched by Price’s story.

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Hunter Price

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