August 7

Hunter Hayes Sings for Insecurities of Talking about Insecurities

“Why does my life have to hurt so much?” “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with me?” These are just two of the questions we all have asked ourselves at some point in our lives. We tend to question ourselves, and why we are the way we are. These common personal issues are the core of Hunter Hayes’ new track “Dear God.” The country cutie once again proved his forte of making tunes with melodies that get stuck in our heads, and his words seem like they’re directly speaking into our souls.

Why’s and Doubts

Question mark

In “Dear God,” Hunter makes some intense self-reflection. Expressed in the narrator’s point of view, the message shows that the singer undergoes the same struggles with self-confidence and acceptance as all of us do. Presented in a prayer-like format, the song relays an achingly personal study of self-doubt, disclosed to God.

And why does my life have to hurt so much?
Why can’t I find any piece of love?
And why do I feel like I’m not enough?
Dear God, are you sure that you don’t mess up?

The song is fleshed out with the concept of spiritual doubt. Though Hayes doesn’t reach any particular conclusion, he is pretty convinced that God has reasons for everything and nothing is a mistake. Pop hit-maker Andy Grammer and songwriter Dave Spencer helped Hayes in the completion of the track. The two songsmiths are known to have a great way of digging through feelings and bringing them to the surface. They designed the song to be an open-ended and non-resolute to add another layer of deep personal introspection to the composition. The lyrics just get you right in the feels.

You are Not Alone

Hayes revealed the most striking lines for him. The song’s description of the nights when he questioned his world couldn’t be more vulnerable. He voiced:

“We all face the question of being good enough for the world around us and sometimes we just need a reminder that we are.”

“Dear God” is off Hunter Haye’s newest project, and it’s one of the best songs we’ve heard in a long while. The message lying behind might just be the words we are needing to hear. It reminds us that we are not alone, we all go through sorts of self-doubt. But no matter what, know that you perfectly fit for the fulfillment of God’s divine plan. You were crafted graciously by the Potter’s hand.


Dear God, Hunter Hayes

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