In this world where social media is everywhere, it is very easy for us to hide behind a screen and be as aggressive as we want but as Christians, humility and meekness are what we should be exuding.

Humility and meekness

The true meaning of humility. Image from Flickr

Whenever we feel attacked, whether personally or online, the first thing we think or want to do is retaliate. To attack and be as aggressive as we can to defend ourselves our prove our point.

I remember the thanksgiving after Trump was elected president, I was dreading to go to the family gathering because I knew that political discussions couldn’t be avoided. Lo and behold! Everyone on the table had something to say about the results.

humility and meekness

Trump and Clinton on the 2016 elections. Image from Flickr

That was the longest afternoon of my life, no one listened, and everyone was just speaking louder and louder because none of us wanted to show humility. Instead, we all wanted to prove that what we thought was right and we aggressively fought for it.

Is that the right way to go about it though? Do we really emanate the idea of strength when we aggressively attack or demand? As Christians, we need to take a look at how we deal with attacks.

Jesus and His Shining Example of Humility and Meekness

humility and meekness

We are chosen and loved by Jesus through and through. Image from God’s embrace Facebook page

The word meekness has a negative connotation to most of us because we think it means letting others step all over us. However, we have to change that notion. In the bible, Jesus, from birth to the cross, was meek. He never demanded anything nor did He ever become aggressive when dealing with attacks.

 Through meekness he showed strength, when he was shamed on the cross he remained humble and meek. He trusted God’s plan and ended up winning over evil for our sakes.

humility and meekness

Jesus saved us and will always have our backs. Image from Pixabay

I know that it is hard to ignore attacks especially ones directed at us. It is human after all to defend ourselves. As Christians however, we need to treat some attacks with humility and meekness. When we are slandered we need to remember that on the last day, God will have our backs.

Let us not waste our time with senseless aggressiveness and, like Jesus, remain true in our humility and meekness.

Feel the glory of Christ in this rendition of the hymn “In Christ Along”, though not exactly country it still has country vibes all over it and is a very good performance.