January 7

“How Great Thou Art:” A Gospel Artistry from Loretta Lynn

God is the creator of heaven and earth as per Christian belief. Also, He is considered a great painter and the genius architect of everything. Anyhow, have you ever stopped and watched the sunrise or sunset? Such scenery is great, right? All you need to have are mighty hands for you to be able to create such a masterpiece. There’s a lot of wonders that we see. But do we even take time to appreciate them? Well, people nowadays only care about Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They are immersing themselves on things that will not last. But I hope that it’s not too late for us to notice the great things that God has given us. Thus, let us not forget how glorious and mighty He is creating such wonders. To boost your spirit, I have here one of the most covered gospel hymns. This time it’s from Loretta Lynn.

The Pride of Kentucky

She is one of the most sought after female singers to date. Further, due to her talent, this artist was able to sell more than 45 million albums worldwide. In addition, she also received numerous awards in the Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music Awards. This only shows that she is distinct from other artists. Well, I’m referring to the woman who popularize the hits “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” and “Don’t Come Home A’ Drinkin’.” I hope that you did not forget Loretta Lynn.

“How Great Thou Art:” A Gospel Artistry from Loretta Lynn 1
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/Official Home Page

The Hymn that Shows How Great God Is

There’s a lot of gospel songs that portray how great God is. Hence, this hymn is one of them. Moreover, this hit is considered as one of the most favorite hymns of all time. I’m referring to the classic gospel tune “How Great Thou Art.” Given the meaningful song’s message, it was translated into different languages and was covered by different artists. Considering this, Loretta Lynn is one of them. I hope that this will uplift your spirit once you hear the heartwarming version.


Loretta Lynn

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